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Raising funds for local or even regional civic and charitable organizations is difficult business. While a national story—such as unemployment, a major weather disaster, earthquake or even the September 11 attacks—can help stimulate awareness for large organizations like the American Red Cross, United Way or Salvation Army, it can be much more difficult to communicate the activities, purpose and needs of local, community-based charities like churches, sports boosters and schools. Promotional products can help you meet your objectives for community awareness as well as helping you meet your fundraising goals through your own reselling, event sponsorships and other fundraising activities.

Our industry offers a staggering number of different products which can be modified to suit your needs and sold or given to your membership, your staff or the general public to meet those objectives. Experience has show us that there are generally two paths which fundraising organizations use to generate opportunities for the public to help with their funding. The first is by offering a product which the public can either purchase or which is given as a premium for their donation. Click on our Fundraising Products link above for some product ideas. The items need not be expensive, but must be either clever enough to warrant the donation or must be of high enough 'perceived value' to warrant the purchase. Be sure to see a really clever AND inexpensive fundraising idea below.

The second method of raising money is to offer sponsorships for group activities to the business community in your area. Golf tournaments and award dinners are perfect examples of how an event can be partially or completely funded through sponsorships. Large sponsors names are prominently displayed on banners or signs at the event while other, smaller sponsors might have their names printed on anything from napkinsand stadium cups to t-shirtsand frisbees. Really, anything which might be used or purchased at your event can be sponsored. Click on our Sponsorship Ideas link above for more sponsorship ideas.

In addition to events, items of all sorts can be sponsored and sold to raise funds. Church ministries and volunteer fire and emergency departments often use calendars, sponsored by local businesses as fundraising vehicles. Schools as well as other sports leagues and teams will sell sponsored schedules, sometimes in conjunction with a calendar to fund their operations. Other popular items would include sports balls, stadium cushions, food items, tee shirts and signage around the parks.

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One clever AND inexpensive fundraising idea:

A local church's youth group wanted a quick and inexpensive way to raise money (who doesn't) on the spur of the moment for a trip they were planning. Knowing that the readings for the next weekend's services would be from Matthew 5, the group's adult leader went to a local grocery store and picked up a couple of boxes of match sticks and a couple of packs of postcards. The group divided into two teams. The first glued a single match onto each of the postcards. The second group decorated the cards, titling them, 'You are the light of the world.' After each service, the church's pastor announced that the group would be outside, raising money for their upcoming trip. The children sold the card/matches for $1.00 each raising an amazing $500 from an investment of a few bucks.